Wednesday Sandwich #7


Very, very mixed feelings for the beginning of July! My dear friends who I met just 6 months ago and who became very close to my heart are leaving, you can say that 6 months is not enough to really get to know someone but in this case I feel part of me is going away, my family is moving and I’m very sad about it!

On the other hand, after 6 months I’m finally going to spend some time with my sister! She arrived yesterday

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and I’m so excited we have full 6 weeks to catch up! Actually I don’t remember when was the last time we spend so much time together! Probably in high school while we’re still living with our parents…hard to believe it was so long ago!

So, I’m feeling little overwhelmed! To my friends I wish all the best and even now I’m so excited to see them again…somewhere in the world! An for my sister I planned really, really exciting month…beaches, New York, rooftops, shopping…but it’s a surprise…stay tuned with our Instargram, Facebook and blog and you’ll find out!

My boys are super happy that Titi (that’s how they call my sister) is here. Today they wanted to prepare real American breakfast for her! They helped with everything, setting the table, making waffles, they even made small American flags for my Wednesday sandwich (how cute with pole on the wrong side)!

This Wednesday, especially for Titi, I made Egg and Bacon Sandwich!


Egg and Bacon Sandwich
Serves 2
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  1. 4 small bread slices, toasted
  2. 2 thick chunks of bacon, ½ in thick, size of your bread slice
  3. 1 egg, boiled
  4. Arugula leaves, just a few
  1. Heat your pan over a high heat. Cook the bacon on every side, you want bacon crispy, even on the edges.
  2. Boil the egg, I usually drop the egg in boiling water and cook for 6 minutes, then egg yolk is creamy and soft. Slice the egg.
  3. Toast bread slices and assemble the sandwich.
  4. First put the bacon on the bread slice so bread can take all that beautiful bacon fat. Top with a slice of egg, 2 of 3 arugula leaves and cover with remaining bread slice…perfect!




Crispy bacon and creamy egg yolk…what a welcoming breakfast! And not forget the waffles…with Nutella of course!


WEAR. EAT. LOVE. by Adriana



  1. Looks good Adriana! Enjoy the precious time with your sis! X

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