Instagram Random June

Instagram Random June

For all of those who are not following us on Instagram, and for all of those who don’t have one we decided to share every month our best moments here on our blog.

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For me it was the great beggining of June, on Playa Punta Canna beach near Venice, Italy. It has nothing to do with Punta Cana of Dominican Republic (except those palm trees) whose photos Adriana still needs to share with you. Hope soon…

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So far the most popular photo of June with 106 likes. Our Wednesday Sandwich #4 really looks delicious, and it is! Check out the recipe here.

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I was feeling very romantic that day. And I can’t get enough of the crop tops and bralets…and my Zara necklace.

Screenshot 2014-06-21 17.18.02

Adriana was eating delicious Ramen at Japanese Restaurant.

Screenshot 2014-06-21 17.16.44

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world I was enjoying the best italian pizza with prosciutto crudo and burrata.

Screenshot 2014-06-21 17.18.14

Celebrating Flag Day on June 14 at Washington Rock State Park.

Screenshot 2014-06-21 17.18.45

Before shopping you need to recharge your batteries. I did it with the perfect italian breakfast with my mom who came to visit me.

Screenshot 2014-06-21 17.17.48

Heaven made of chocolate.

Screenshot 2014-06-21 17.17.18

After all that food, one good detox is all I need. Your Tea arrived just in time. I’ll get to do my 14 day TEATox before leaving for USA. 🙂

Screenshot 2014-06-23 11.09.33

While you’re reading this Adriana is on her little road trip to Boston. Here crossing the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson River.


June is almost over and we’re so excited about the next month. It’s going to be the best! We’re finally going to meet after more than half a year. Stay tuned for all updates and follow us on @weareatlove.


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