This Week We Love: Festival Season

Blame it on Coachella! Instead of buying basic Spring stuff you definetely need you end up with a bunch of boho outfits you probably won’t wear till August. Even if you’re miles away and you’re still wearing your winter jacket in the evening you’re ready for the most stylish festival . Well…it’s important to think festive! It’s officially festival season and here are some of our favorite fashion picks.

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This Week We Love: Make Your Move

There’s only one thing I miss while being pregnant – my regular workouts and pushing myself beyond my limits. That blissful mood after an intense exercise…ah! Although I’m trying to workout during my pregnancy I’m doing it with low intensity, not so frequently and there are always those same questions in my mind: am I hurting my baby? am I doing it right? But as long as my doctor says I’m fine and as long as I feel good there’s no reason to stop. Just a few more months and I’m geting back into the groove…now, I admit, my favorite exercise is more like t-shirt no. 9! I really love this sporty-chic kinda look. It’s definetely something I would wear on a regular basis, not just to the gym.

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