Spicy farro, carrot and parsley root salad

This was one of those days when you think you have absolutely nothing in your pantry that can make you happy. But remember, simple, boring stuff you can always make interesting. Of course you have to think it through a little bit and put some time into it, but the result…can be so good. So, that happened to me…farro in the pantry, some carrots and parsley in fridge…some of my basic ingredients. It turned out they became wonderful, warm, spicy, healthy salad!

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Carnival Apple Fritters

It’s Carnival time! And when it’s Carnival I make fritters. Everybody loves them. Sugary, bite size and kind of doughnuty. The biggest problem is that they’re too good to stop at just one, so if you want to maintain your diet, eat a few and give away the rest as soon as possible.

Fritters are traditional Carnival food in my country. Doughnuts too, but I’m not even trying to make doughnuts due to respect the best ever doughnuts from my hometown. Back home, during Carnival time, my diet is doughnuts and fritters, whole day, every day, because you can’t get them the rest of the year (not the good, homemade ones).


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